Zahir Lopez’ Senior River Session

  1. Reba says:

    He was a great kid! He was so sweet and helpful at Mi Pueblo! He had great customer service and always helped me with my orders! He would smile and say hi at the gym! A very sweet boy! He will be missed greatly!!
    Prayers for comfort to his family!

  2. Vicki Friddle says:

    As I’m looking at these pictures, my heart is broken for his family at such a fine young man lost too soon. But when I saw his smile, I had to smile as well and think what a blessing and gift it is for his family to have these wonderful pictures. Praying for Zahir’s family and the community of Brewster. ❤️

  3. Isaura says:

    We will miss you, prayers and blessings for the loved ones and friends grieving this loss ♥️

  4. Tammy Lopez says:

    Hi I am Zahir aunt an I really love these pictures can you please send me some of the up close pictures. And the last one the black and white one of him standing in a field I actually love all of them. So I can make his rosaries memorial card. My email address is I would greatly appreciate it if you would be so. Kindly to do so thank you

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